Fiddlers Philharmonic

Now in its second year, the Fiddlers Philharmonic utilizes a progressive approach that combines traditional music teaching techniques with aural tradition and improvisation.

Under the direction of conductor Steve Schaffner, this program is among the first of its kind in the West Kentucky region, joining similar programs at Belmont, North Texas State and the Berklee School of Music. The Fiddlers Philharmonic program realizes the benefits of including bluegrass, jazz and country in its curriculum.

Interested students only need two years of string experience. Rehearsals for the Philharmonic will take place every Sunday afternoon at 2:00 at McCracken County High School. 

The next auditions for Fiddlers Philharmonic will be in early January at the McCracken County High School.

To schedule an audition, please call 270-444-0065 or email Janine Zerger, PSO Operations Manager.

For additional information about the program, email Steve Schaffner.

Fiddler’s Audition Music

*Note for Cellos and Basses: If the audition piece is beyond your current ability level, then play the bottom line, which is labeled “Back-Up.”


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