Youth & Children's Chorus Handbook 2016-2017

Welcome to another season of great music learning and making! There is much on-going research into how the study of music positively influences brain development in children. This is particularly true for early childhood and children in elementary school.  Research shows us that the study of music:

1) Enhances cognition by teaching the brain to learn using both hemispheres.

2) Enhances the emotional intelligence by teaching the brain how to process emotions and express them positively.

3) Improves the perceptual-motor systems of the brain by activating many different areas in the brain that address perception such as visual, hearing and intuition.

4) Improves memory systems by teaching the brain to process information quickly and efficiently.

5) Assists with the stress response by teaching the brain how to release stress through musical performance, including lowering blood pressure and increasing dopamine levels.  * Please see “Music with the Brain in Mind” by Eric Jensen.


If you are a member or parent of the Paducah Symphony Children’s & Youth Chorus, it is very important that you thoroughly read this document.

Youth & Children’s Chorus Handbook