Youth & Children's Chorus

Dr. Bradley Almquist, Director of Choruses

Samantha Veal, Youth Chorus Director

Devonda Treece, Accompanist

The Paducah Symphony Children’s Chorus is the only children’s chorus in our region to perform with a professional orchestra. The group consists of two ensembles, the PSO Children’s Chorus (grades 3-7) and the PSO Youth Chorus (grades 8-12) and are chosen by audition to perform under the direction of Dr. Bradley Almquist and Samantha Veal.

Performances include the PSO Christmas Concert, a Fall Concert, a Winter Concert, and a Spring Concert. They will also perform at various community club meetings and events. 

If your child is interested in auditioning, please call 270-444-0065 or email Cindy Poat, PSO Administrative Assistant. 

Need To Pay Tuition with Monthly Payments? 

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